And on the third day… they went to a gaming convention??

I’ve only been here almost 3 days and it feels like i’ve been out of America for AT LEAST 2 months… It’s crazy.

I’ve already been tagged as the student who needs a little extra help in navigating the bus system according to the heads of the program..:D but thanks to them I managed to make it home safely for the first time.

We’ve had a couple tours of Bonn already and I’m pretty positive WE ALL KNOW WHERE THE POST OFFICE IS! If that’s pointed out one more time I might cry.

Today was definitely the most eventful day I think thus far.

WE of course had our first German class where I was equally embarrassed that my name would be changed since there is no “th” in German.

Given the opportunity to attend a gaming convention or a historical tour for today, we chose rather easily, TO SEE POKEMON AND ZOMBIES. I cannot explain how excited I was  to go to my first one! It wasn’t comicon butttt it’ll do.




And I sought this Call of Duty DEMO out juuusttt for a certain guy 😀
I must admit…it looks pretty legit

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