I’m at the wrong bar..

So yesterday we all decided to meet up later after class and go to this pub called James Joyce. I got really excited because my host dad had pointed it out to me as it’s right down the street from our house, so when my friends talked about it I was like yes !! Only two bus stops away!!
So I go on my merry way, take the later bus because it’s so close, and walk inside…only my group is no where to be found.. I call Sarah and she is like “we’re here. Inside to the left”
I walk back through the front doors again, turn to the left, & only find the bathroom stalls.
Who knew there would be two tiny Irish pubs with the same name and same exact decor in Bonn??
Clearly not me..
Being in the wrong place seems to be a recurring theme for me so far. Ill get it one day .

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