What is this white stuff ??

I believe that today is Christmas morning, or felt like it when I looked out my window and saw a faint little sheet of frostiness covering everything. I’m not quite sure what it was, but I believe it’s a precursor to REAL LIVE SNOW!!!!!
I can’t wait!!
Even though snow and ice are terribly dangerous things for me to interact with, I can’t help but be excited if I could see real snow fall!!
For now though, this lovely frost will do 😀


Meine Schwester in Deutschland!

My sister came to me! My sister came to me!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see her. I’m so thankful that (even if it was for a short time) that she came to see everything my life has been about for the past 3 months. Not only that, but she graced the silver screen for part of my documentary. (see if you can find her 😉 )

Anyways, I tried to make sure that she had the full experience in a nutshell while she was here.

This included:

Stumbling upon Beethoven’s house by accident after her first authentic German meal of schnitzel and potatoes. ImageImage

(Ain’t she purdy?) 😀

Then, of course, and for her first time as well as mine we just HAD to go out on the town until 7 am. Somebody had to do it, and so we took one for the team. This picture is a good summation. Note the high angle shot and foggy interior. (clearly I am a film major..HA)


We went on a few other adventures to the Kunstmuseum, extra dry, james joyce, the cathedral, the Botanische gartens, we pretty much hit it all.


Oh, heads WILL roll.Image

Becoming educated and stuff…

Image Bratwurst and pommes! WOO GERMAN FOODImageImageImage



I leave you with these wise words of the cocktail bar with which we discovered a plethora of amazing drinks.


My awesome host family introduced us to a feast where you get your own grill! It wouldn’t be complete without me burning my arm on one. Now I will be scarred of the magical tasting food and wonderful people for the rest of my life…I think I can handle that. Image

Image  2

Chaos city and tequila sunsets please!


Guacamole making for my doc fiesta!!Image

And a good sister always embraces your crazy ideas..I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Filming my Documentary


doc ellens interview behind the scenes


(Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Michael Laubsch)


I only have about one more shooting day left of my documentary and I’m so excited!!

It feels good and yet at the same time, I’m so nervous that I won’t have everything that I need when I get into editing. I’m hoping that it turns out at least somewhat like I had envisioned, but at the end of the day I’m the only one I really have to impress.

Sounds simple, but I’m literally my worst critic, as most people are. The painting will never be complete to me.

However, I did have a blast shooting in my host family’s study and I’m very lucky and happy that they were willing to be a part of this chaotic process.

As editing begins, I hope I can produce something that will make them proud && understand my love of guacamole…alright, alright…my obsession with guacamole.

Leipzig Film Festival

We were given the amazing opportunity to go to the Leipzig Dok Festival last week!

I don’t think I’ve ever watched so many movies in such a short period of time…but hey! I’m not complaining!! 

I couldn’t help but feel pretty legit with my personalized name tag that granted us access to as many movies and panel discussions that we could get our hands on. Documentaries are where it is at. You can’t make up this stuff. These are real people with inspiring and phenomenal stories that you never would have had access to had someone not taken the time to make their voices heard. .



In the mean time we managed to venture out and celebrate the awesome city we were in. We had breakfast at the original (probably most beautiful building that I have encountered thus far on my trip) and had cake and coffee and croissants for breakfast! Basically a feast at this amazing place, but it was all worth it.



Also, before one of the meet and greet parties we managed to find a little taste of home…probably my favorite part of the whole trip. 


I hope to return to Leipzig one day, and I can’t wait for that to happen! Especially since no matter how many circles we wandered in, we always found our way. 

Cheers to you Leipzig. 

Runs with Horses

Sometimes you just need a break from everything and to be with yourself. That’s where running comes in! I will run especially if it is to this view. 

I’m running with horses for as long as I possibly can. I don’t get this at home. ImageImageImage ImageImage

It all makes me wanna take a back road. 😉 

The country is never gunna leave me, I’m pretty sure.  I wish I could run to this every day, forever.