Leipzig Film Festival

We were given the amazing opportunity to go to the Leipzig Dok Festival last week!

I don’t think I’ve ever watched so many movies in such a short period of time…but hey! I’m not complaining!! 

I couldn’t help but feel pretty legit with my personalized name tag that granted us access to as many movies and panel discussions that we could get our hands on. Documentaries are where it is at. You can’t make up this stuff. These are real people with inspiring and phenomenal stories that you never would have had access to had someone not taken the time to make their voices heard. .



In the mean time we managed to venture out and celebrate the awesome city we were in. We had breakfast at the original (probably most beautiful building that I have encountered thus far on my trip) and had cake and coffee and croissants for breakfast! Basically a feast at this amazing place, but it was all worth it.



Also, before one of the meet and greet parties we managed to find a little taste of home…probably my favorite part of the whole trip. 


I hope to return to Leipzig one day, and I can’t wait for that to happen! Especially since no matter how many circles we wandered in, we always found our way. 

Cheers to you Leipzig. 

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