Relax, they say

Just relax.

These are two words that might as well be gibberish to me. I’m not saying I don’t understand what it means, but I’m saying that I really think it’s out of my control. I blame it on a lack of relaxation genome in my DNA.

To try to “relax” I do yoga, I think about an island I want to own someday, I wonder what kind of puppy I will one day own, but that’s where my problem is. I think. When I say I think, I don’t mean I just have a fleeting thought. My brain likes to take me to all sorts of levels in a video game that no one wants to go through, nor should they.

Picture Lorelei gilmore’s rapid rate of speech and disconnected thoughts funneling through your brain every. Second. (The same coffee cravings as Lorelei doesn’t help either).

A piece of advice from one brain of an over-thinker to another:
If it makes you think too much (like me) when people tell you to relax, try doing the opposite. Try imagining they told you to think of every last thing you have thought of in the past 2 days and you will probably get so tired or bored you’ll find yourself relaxed. Also, wine exists for brains like ours.

Cheers my friends.


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