The only thing certain…

Is uncertainty.

As we are all going through various stages and freak outs in our lives surrounding the questions:
What am I going to do with my life?
Where do I want to work?
Do I really see myself doing that?
Where should I apply for jobs?
Is this the city I want to be stuck in forever?
The list goes on and on.
At least we have uncertainty to count on, and hey! Maybe it’s not such a horrible thing after all.
Maybe that uncertainty can bring on more adventures than we ever imagined.
If we look at life as a journey or adventure then maybe we can start to see all the challenges or let downs as just losing a life on a video game level.
Let’s just reboot and continue on.
Maybe we’ll even stumble upon some gold 😉


World Peace

My greatest hope for the future history of the United States has to be World Peace. Not the basketball player, and not the pageant answer, but honestly world peace. I used to say that was all that I wanted for christmas as a little kid (yes I was a strange little kid) or maybe I was just too optimistic. Whatever the reason, I hope for there to be peace in our world. More so than anything. Although I do have more of a realistic take on the world now, I want there to come a time when each country has reached attainable peace. By this I mean to say that no, the world may not be perfect, but if everyone believed that we could all work towards world peace, then there’s a chance it just might happen. I am not saying we all have to be best friends and get along hunky dory, but we need to express tolerance. Tolerance amongst different religions, different races, and different cultures. Just because you don’t agree with someone or someone’s way of life, does not mean that hatred and violence should be your go-to reaction. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. This is probably the best piece of advice I have ever been given and hope to pass this along to the world at large. It’s much easier to be nice or keep your mouth shut, than it is to cause a fight. No one likes bruised hands anyway.


Reverse Culture Shock

Meanwhile….Back in “murica.

Anyone who has been abroad will understand the following reverse culture shock:

1. Why isn’t there a night bus to take me home??

2. Since when is walking around eating food not acceptable? …They do it in Europe all the time!

3. Remembering the names of certain people I met prior to abroad is a modern day “Memory Game”, and I suck at it..

4. The closest thing to kiosk alcohol is 4 lokos. (This can’t be right…)

5. All of the new lingo people have created since being gone, is almost as hard as learning German. Almost.

6. WHY DON’T PEOPLE NAP HERE? FYI: Siestas are a real thing, America. 

7. No one looks up from their phones, ever. There have to be more pedestrian related accidents than EVER. 

8. Döner. Pom Döner.  Enough said.

Needless to say, I have not yet adjusted to life back home. I don’t know the socially acceptable behavior like I used to…but TBH (new acronym, meaning: to be honest that I just learned) I don’t really care.

Prost to this strange continuum called re-acclimation. Anybody? 

Nope?  Just me.


At least, I’m back with my love…Image




Better Late Than…

Check out my sister getting note-worthy attention 😀


Because I live under a large pile of books (the results of a recent Amazon book-buying binge), I failed to notice that Art-Lit Geek got a nod from the Tired of London, Tired of Life blog about my conversation with Peter Ho, the owner of Clerkenwell Tales in London. On May 16, 2013, the blog named their one thing to do that day in London as “Buy books at Clerkenwell Tales” and used a quote from my interview with Ho to help characterize the owner and the feel of the bookshop. I’m flattered and excited that Tired of London, Tired of Life has noticed my little blogging endeavor! Click the link above to see their entry.

-Art-Lit Geek

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Christmas Markt

It’s Christmas time in the cittyyyyyyy and it is beautiful.

Since there’s no Thanksgiving it has been winter wonderland all over Bonn for the past few weeks already. 

I love the Christmas Markt and plan on spending all of my remaining time outside of finishing my documentary at this lovely place.



What is this white stuff ??

I believe that today is Christmas morning, or felt like it when I looked out my window and saw a faint little sheet of frostiness covering everything. I’m not quite sure what it was, but I believe it’s a precursor to REAL LIVE SNOW!!!!!
I can’t wait!!
Even though snow and ice are terribly dangerous things for me to interact with, I can’t help but be excited if I could see real snow fall!!
For now though, this lovely frost will do 😀