Leipzig Film Festival

We were given the amazing opportunity to go to the Leipzig Dok Festival last week!

I don’t think I’ve ever watched so many movies in such a short period of time…but hey! I’m not complaining!! 

I couldn’t help but feel pretty legit with my personalized name tag that granted us access to as many movies and panel discussions that we could get our hands on. Documentaries are where it is at. You can’t make up this stuff. These are real people with inspiring and phenomenal stories that you never would have had access to had someone not taken the time to make their voices heard. .



In the mean time we managed to venture out and celebrate the awesome city we were in. We had breakfast at the original (probably most beautiful building that I have encountered thus far on my trip) and had cake and coffee and croissants for breakfast! Basically a feast at this amazing place, but it was all worth it.



Also, before one of the meet and greet parties we managed to find a little taste of home…probably my favorite part of the whole trip. 


I hope to return to Leipzig one day, and I can’t wait for that to happen! Especially since no matter how many circles we wandered in, we always found our way. 

Cheers to you Leipzig. 

Berlin’s welcome to me

Berlin’s welcome to me was a little similar to my welcome in Amsterdam which required me to fear for my life. Except this time, on a much lesser scale. We arrived after an 8 hour bus ride to go on our city tour. The tour began by me getting yelled at in German by an angry lady on a bike. Nothing says welcome to a new city by an insult I don’t know and construction sites everywhere. Hmmm, add in the traffic, and it feels just like home!!

With that nice of a start, the tour only could get better. The city itself is such a clash of trying to establish a unified identity, there’s a strong mixture of new and old ideologies everywhere you look.


We saw the remnants of the division of east and West Berlin and the reminders of communist times. We even stood in the same square that adolf hitler spoke at several rallies. It was insane to believe I was actually at the place of such pivotal points in history.


In order for the universe to balance out some of the horror, the square of the rallies is also the place where THE FIRST POTATO was planted. Talk about a juxtaposition.
We also walked through where the book burning took place and were able to see a haunting memorial of empty bookshelves that the 50,000 burned books could fill. It was an amazing remembrance.
There’s so much more this city has to offer and I can’t wait to experience it.


Sunday is funday/recap day

Sunday is officially fun day and I’m so thankful for my host dad and sister to take me to my little kid fantasy land of the chocolate factory in köln !!!
It was literally raining chocolate from a fountain and out of faucets! I can’t explain my enthusiasm except that it was like me at Disneyland !






Not to mention the perfume museum where we were asked to smell a plethora of things that I had no idea what the German tour guide (dressed in a full out wig and 16th century proper attire) was explaining to the rest of the group. I basically wafted and smiled along which made the whole group laugh because he apparently had asked me what the difference in smell was and I simply smiled and said “mmmhm”…I’d like to point out how he was dressed and then ask if he is allowed to make fun of ME..
We also got gelato along the rhein and it was beautiful to see an old cathedral where a couple spontaneously harmonized in Latin.



This weekend we went to Köln also and climbed to THE TOP OF THE HIGHEST CATHEDRAL IN ALL GERMANY! It was amazing to be that high and frightening at the same time. The view from the top is quite a sweet one though I must say.




I also want a lock on the love bridge someday. I’m not opposed to locking myself to a huge heavy piece of metal when the time comes 🙂 it’s just amazing to see how many people are and believe in love still. Faith in humanity officially restored.