If you had one shot

After two 14 hour days and acting out the same sides for two days straight, I finally know how it feels to be a casting director. Although, I absolutely loved it!! & it’s good practice 🙂
Today we had another long day with our first ever German quiz…woo! As long as I don’t have to speak it there’s hope.
We then went on a walking historical tour with Reiner who gave us lots of fairtytale myths and told us none of them are real…Way to ruin little red riding hood and rapunzel for us.. 😝
Then we had to rehearse for our performance on Saturday at the big welcome party! However, it wouldn’t be complete with a hand opened keg with an authentic German hammer.


School is pretty awesome the way they do it over here! Haha
Not to mention I’m extremely excited to rap eminem and time warp-it up for everyone to see 🙂
Once we catch up on sleep our delirious minds might rethink our craziness…..NEHHH

((Also, I dedicate everything today in honor of my wonderful sisters birthday because I wish I was there to celebrate with her))