Meine Schwester in Deutschland!

My sister came to me! My sister came to me!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see her. I’m so thankful that (even if it was for a short time) that she came to see everything my life has been about for the past 3 months. Not only that, but she graced the silver screen for part of my documentary. (see if you can find her 😉 )

Anyways, I tried to make sure that she had the full experience in a nutshell while she was here.

This included:

Stumbling upon Beethoven’s house by accident after her first authentic German meal of schnitzel and potatoes. ImageImage

(Ain’t she purdy?) 😀

Then, of course, and for her first time as well as mine we just HAD to go out on the town until 7 am. Somebody had to do it, and so we took one for the team. This picture is a good summation. Note the high angle shot and foggy interior. (clearly I am a film major..HA)


We went on a few other adventures to the Kunstmuseum, extra dry, james joyce, the cathedral, the Botanische gartens, we pretty much hit it all.


Oh, heads WILL roll.Image

Becoming educated and stuff…

Image Bratwurst and pommes! WOO GERMAN FOODImageImageImage



I leave you with these wise words of the cocktail bar with which we discovered a plethora of amazing drinks.


My awesome host family introduced us to a feast where you get your own grill! It wouldn’t be complete without me burning my arm on one. Now I will be scarred of the magical tasting food and wonderful people for the rest of my life…I think I can handle that. Image

Image  2

Chaos city and tequila sunsets please!


Guacamole making for my doc fiesta!!Image

And a good sister always embraces your crazy ideas..I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Midnights in Paris

Going to Paris for the weekend doesn’t seem like a feasible thing to me, and yet it happened!

I swear we walked collectively 45 plus miles in 2 days. No wonder they are all grasshopper look a likes! Those baguettes don’t stick onto those hips for a reason and now I know it.

Although, we stereotypically ate baguettes in front of the Eiffel Tower, I don’t regret it one bit. Image

Although, they do not warn you about Paris at night. I’m going to be honest when I say the movie Ratatouille is completely accurate and that I should have listened to the movie’s message. THERE ARE RATS RUNNING AROUND THE EIFFEL TOWER. Since rats are above my fear of squirrels (which if you know me, you understand this is an insane feat to top) and they were everywhere at night in the park below the tower. I tried so hard to focus on the massive, amazing, beautiful, structure in front of me and not be distracted by the scurrying, disease infested monsters only feet away from me, but I tell you friend, it was not easy.

However, this view made it possible.


We went to the Eiffel Tower 3 times that weekend and every single time it still had the same effect. Although, on the last time we were there, the whole tower was being evacuated because of a “threatening call” that they had received (we learned this only after we had come back to Germany and looked at the news online) which makes me really sad. I wish people could just leave amazing places be..


Our little hostel we stayed at had an awesome spiral staircase, and we had our own bathroom! Something I will never again take for granted once back home. We also ventured to the Arc di Triumph (probably spelled that one wrong) at night after we had just devoured the greatest tasting crepe I have ever had in my life. 

We went to the gardens of Versailles as well! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. 

Goal in life #345644: have a garden 1/360th in size and as cool as it was. But with the fountain show and horses and golf carts to get around as well.


We also went to Notre Dame and now all I want to do is watch the movie, even though it has just about zero historical accuracy. Inside was absolutely beautiful and awesome to see.



Along the way, I had a Napolean in honor of my fabulous Godfather because he is the one that introduced me to them. (between him and I though, the ones he gave me tasted better than this one…hehe)



Lastly, we went to the Louvre Museum. Here’s Mona and I. 

ImageI should be ashamed of taking this picture that a billion other people have taken…but I couldn’t resist! :/ It truly made me think that people can all take the same photo of this painting from the same angle and yet NO ONE will ever be able to create that picture, the Mona Lisa. It’s truly the only thing I can think of when it comes to an original nowadays. It was a surreal feeling being in the presence of something so authentic when everything now is copied.



Paris was most definitely an experience. Along the way Ryan lost his wallet as we were buying croissants and an honest Guardian Angel somehow found us at our hostel and returned it to him. Literally she must have been a Guardian Angel.

This roller coaster of a weekend was not enough to truly appreciate the city. So hopefully when I do come back, it will be for about 3/4 days in a nice hotel with the best of friends and I can function as a normal human being.