Christmas Markt

It’s Christmas time in the cittyyyyyyy and it is beautiful.

Since there’s no Thanksgiving it has been winter wonderland all over Bonn for the past few weeks already. 

I love the Christmas Markt and plan on spending all of my remaining time outside of finishing my documentary at this lovely place.



On Saturdays we bake cookies

Directions to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in Germany:

Take one person who wants to bake American cookies really badly (AKA ME)

lack of peanut butter,

an egg that we don’t know we have,

a search for chocolate chips in the international supermarket,

gather them all up and with the american measurement recipe use an online converter to figure out what the heck that is equivalent to in grams,

and put them all together into one cluster of an evening and you get this.



Surprisingly amazing cookies! Little did we know that in the event that one does not have an egg to bake with, a 1/4 cup of bananas will work instead! It just so happened to work out because chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter make a magical combination.

AND Now you won’t get salmonella if you eat the dough!! 😀

They were like little tiny muffin cookies. If you put a bunch of fails together it apparently tastes really good. 

Cheers to the chefs.