Reverse Culture Shock

Meanwhile….Back in “murica.

Anyone who has been abroad will understand the following reverse culture shock:

1. Why isn’t there a night bus to take me home??

2. Since when is walking around eating food not acceptable? …They do it in Europe all the time!

3. Remembering the names of certain people I met prior to abroad is a modern day “Memory Game”, and I suck at it..

4. The closest thing to kiosk alcohol is 4 lokos. (This can’t be right…)

5. All of the new lingo people have created since being gone, is almost as hard as learning German. Almost.

6. WHY DON’T PEOPLE NAP HERE? FYI: Siestas are a real thing, America. 

7. No one looks up from their phones, ever. There have to be more pedestrian related accidents than EVER. 

8. Döner. Pom Döner.  Enough said.

Needless to say, I have not yet adjusted to life back home. I don’t know the socially acceptable behavior like I used to…but TBH (new acronym, meaning: to be honest that I just learned) I don’t really care.

Prost to this strange continuum called re-acclimation. Anybody? 

Nope?  Just me.


At least, I’m back with my love…Image




What you can do all in one day

1. Eat Belgian waffles multiple times
2 find where you wish you could get married. Coincidentally there’s a wedding happening as you discover this
3 find the most awesome play structure and climb it. safety regulations clearly don’t exist where we were…


4. Accidentally find an awesome record store with only the greatest


(Can’t help thinking of your amazing cousin Lauren who introduced you to the classics of rock! :D)

5. Find the famous naked boy//cherub peeing statue known in Brussels only to discover it’s a lot smaller than you imagined..
Also see THE GREATEST MUSTACHE EVER GROWN on the face of the man pushing around a cart spraying water out of a fake cherub statue




6 get lost trying to find the hostel and end up wandering an amazing city so it doesn’t even matter it’s been 6 hours

7 tackle the night life (pink elephants and kebabs possibly included)

8 dance your pants off with the 4 body guard guy friends you travel with. & have everyone else watch as we gungnam style the crap outta Brussels!!
9 plan to do it all over again with no regrets
Oh and this was the spark notes version.

I’m at the wrong bar..

So yesterday we all decided to meet up later after class and go to this pub called James Joyce. I got really excited because my host dad had pointed it out to me as it’s right down the street from our house, so when my friends talked about it I was like yes !! Only two bus stops away!!
So I go on my merry way, take the later bus because it’s so close, and walk inside…only my group is no where to be found.. I call Sarah and she is like “we’re here. Inside to the left”
I walk back through the front doors again, turn to the left, & only find the bathroom stalls.
Who knew there would be two tiny Irish pubs with the same name and same exact decor in Bonn??
Clearly not me..
Being in the wrong place seems to be a recurring theme for me so far. Ill get it one day .

Our first time getting lost!

I tend to be the eager one in most situations…and today as we were trying to leave Köln (cologne), definitely exemplified this. We were looking for Platform 4 and I heard Antonello say 4 and that we had 3 minutes to catch it. So naturally, I start running towards the subway 4..actually booking it with my backpack on the front of my a normal functioning human would do. About a minute later I hear them calling my name and look back to see no one following me and all I could make out was “YOURE GOING THE WRONG WAY!”

Clearly I got a little too excited. Regardless our lovely guide finally got us on the right train, as he was staying behind. The ticket man was coming around and said a few words to one of my friends with the tickets and started yelling! Next thing I knew we were all kicked off the train at some random stop in the middle of what seemed like nowhere..I was completely confused and thought we got in trouble for some reason, but he was actually helping us! telling us that we were going the complete wrong way.

Here’s what being lost looks like…

WE’re definitely owed some “lemonade”..cough antonello cough cough

P.S. Nick made fun of me the whole ride back.


Where are we....?

Where are we….?