Ghost Town

I swear I can be better
I could be more to you
But there are things that lie in my path
That I just had to do.

I’ve found myself attached to these railroad tracks,
but I’ll come back to you

Photo by KH Photography

Photo by KH Photography

World Peace

My greatest hope for the future history of the United States has to be World Peace. Not the basketball player, and not the pageant answer, but honestly world peace. I used to say that was all that I wanted for christmas as a little kid (yes I was a strange little kid) or maybe I was just too optimistic. Whatever the reason, I hope for there to be peace in our world. More so than anything. Although I do have more of a realistic take on the world now, I want there to come a time when each country has reached attainable peace. By this I mean to say that no, the world may not be perfect, but if everyone believed that we could all work towards world peace, then there’s a chance it just might happen. I am not saying we all have to be best friends and get along hunky dory, but we need to express tolerance. Tolerance amongst different religions, different races, and different cultures. Just because you don’t agree with someone or someone’s way of life, does not mean that hatred and violence should be your go-to reaction. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. This is probably the best piece of advice I have ever been given and hope to pass this along to the world at large. It’s much easier to be nice or keep your mouth shut, than it is to cause a fight. No one likes bruised hands anyway.


Reverse Culture Shock

Meanwhile….Back in “murica.

Anyone who has been abroad will understand the following reverse culture shock:

1. Why isn’t there a night bus to take me home??

2. Since when is walking around eating food not acceptable? …They do it in Europe all the time!

3. Remembering the names of certain people I met prior to abroad is a modern day “Memory Game”, and I suck at it..

4. The closest thing to kiosk alcohol is 4 lokos. (This can’t be right…)

5. All of the new lingo people have created since being gone, is almost as hard as learning German. Almost.

6. WHY DON’T PEOPLE NAP HERE? FYI: Siestas are a real thing, America. 

7. No one looks up from their phones, ever. There have to be more pedestrian related accidents than EVER. 

8. Döner. Pom Döner.  Enough said.

Needless to say, I have not yet adjusted to life back home. I don’t know the socially acceptable behavior like I used to…but TBH (new acronym, meaning: to be honest that I just learned) I don’t really care.

Prost to this strange continuum called re-acclimation. Anybody? 

Nope?  Just me.


At least, I’m back with my love…Image




Meine Schwester in Deutschland!

My sister came to me! My sister came to me!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see her. I’m so thankful that (even if it was for a short time) that she came to see everything my life has been about for the past 3 months. Not only that, but she graced the silver screen for part of my documentary. (see if you can find her 😉 )

Anyways, I tried to make sure that she had the full experience in a nutshell while she was here.

This included:

Stumbling upon Beethoven’s house by accident after her first authentic German meal of schnitzel and potatoes. ImageImage

(Ain’t she purdy?) 😀

Then, of course, and for her first time as well as mine we just HAD to go out on the town until 7 am. Somebody had to do it, and so we took one for the team. This picture is a good summation. Note the high angle shot and foggy interior. (clearly I am a film major..HA)


We went on a few other adventures to the Kunstmuseum, extra dry, james joyce, the cathedral, the Botanische gartens, we pretty much hit it all.


Oh, heads WILL roll.Image

Becoming educated and stuff…

Image Bratwurst and pommes! WOO GERMAN FOODImageImageImage



I leave you with these wise words of the cocktail bar with which we discovered a plethora of amazing drinks.


My awesome host family introduced us to a feast where you get your own grill! It wouldn’t be complete without me burning my arm on one. Now I will be scarred of the magical tasting food and wonderful people for the rest of my life…I think I can handle that. Image

Image  2

Chaos city and tequila sunsets please!


Guacamole making for my doc fiesta!!Image

And a good sister always embraces your crazy ideas..I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Filming my Documentary


doc ellens interview behind the scenes


(Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Michael Laubsch)


I only have about one more shooting day left of my documentary and I’m so excited!!

It feels good and yet at the same time, I’m so nervous that I won’t have everything that I need when I get into editing. I’m hoping that it turns out at least somewhat like I had envisioned, but at the end of the day I’m the only one I really have to impress.

Sounds simple, but I’m literally my worst critic, as most people are. The painting will never be complete to me.

However, I did have a blast shooting in my host family’s study and I’m very lucky and happy that they were willing to be a part of this chaotic process.

As editing begins, I hope I can produce something that will make them proud && understand my love of guacamole…alright, alright…my obsession with guacamole.

On Saturdays we bake cookies

Directions to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in Germany:

Take one person who wants to bake American cookies really badly (AKA ME)

lack of peanut butter,

an egg that we don’t know we have,

a search for chocolate chips in the international supermarket,

gather them all up and with the american measurement recipe use an online converter to figure out what the heck that is equivalent to in grams,

and put them all together into one cluster of an evening and you get this.



Surprisingly amazing cookies! Little did we know that in the event that one does not have an egg to bake with, a 1/4 cup of bananas will work instead! It just so happened to work out because chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter make a magical combination.

AND Now you won’t get salmonella if you eat the dough!! 😀

They were like little tiny muffin cookies. If you put a bunch of fails together it apparently tastes really good. 

Cheers to the chefs.