What you can do all in one day

1. Eat Belgian waffles multiple times
2 find where you wish you could get married. Coincidentally there’s a wedding happening as you discover this
3 find the most awesome play structure and climb it. safety regulations clearly don’t exist where we were…


4. Accidentally find an awesome record store with only the greatest


(Can’t help thinking of your amazing cousin Lauren who introduced you to the classics of rock! :D)

5. Find the famous naked boy//cherub peeing statue known in Brussels only to discover it’s a lot smaller than you imagined..
Also see THE GREATEST MUSTACHE EVER GROWN on the face of the man pushing around a cart spraying water out of a fake cherub statue




6 get lost trying to find the hostel and end up wandering an amazing city so it doesn’t even matter it’s been 6 hours

7 tackle the night life (pink elephants and kebabs possibly included)

8 dance your pants off with the 4 body guard guy friends you travel with. & have everyone else watch as we gungnam style the crap outta Brussels!!
9 plan to do it all over again with no regrets
Oh and this was the spark notes version.