Red lights

Roxanne, you don’t have to put on your red light, roxaneeee.

This weekend we went to Amsterdam !
After waking up at the crack of dawn to meet up with the group we finally made it to Amsterdam 🙂



From there we went to the IBC conference and saw the future of the film industry as well as broadcast. New technologies that we were able to actually use and test out, like 4k led displays, 3 axis camera designed to keep a steady shot when running around filming the action! I felt like iron woman, but it was awesome. We are the future of the industry and definitely the youngest people out of everyone that was there…so we stuck out a smidge.
Amsterdam as a whole was beautiful, yet dangerous. We did not feel safe after almost being hit by first a train then a bus and then fast bikers!! Crosswalks literally mean nothing there & pedestrians have the last right of way. Bikes the first..
Once I got past the fearing for my life thing…we explored some inspiring places.

We visited the Anne Frank house and it was incredible to stand in the actual spot were she used to live and write and hide. If only walls could talk. You could just feel the presence of all the history and events that had happened. It was inspiring and emotional for me especially watching the video of Anne frank’s best friend recounting their interactions through the wall at the concentration camp. The acts of love and friendship that managed to persist in the most horrible situations, truly moves me.
After this, we then experienced the Van Gogh museum and I loved it! The museum display and color coordination and just the way the gallery was set up gave me a great taste of his work without sensory overloading me. My favorites are Sunflowers and Irises and Seaside. Being able to see his work up close and personal gave me a new appreciation for his work. I wish my sister would have been able to see it! She’d be so proud of me embracing the art world:)

The red light district made me a little uncomfortable and I didn’t know exactly how to react to it. I don’t think ill ever be comfortable with some of the things in Amsterdam though…

All in all I’m thankful for this experience, but happy to be back in Bonn 😀