I’m at the wrong bar..

So yesterday we all decided to meet up later after class and go to this pub called James Joyce. I got really excited because my host dad had pointed it out to me as it’s right down the street from our house, so when my friends talked about it I was like yes !! Only two bus stops away!!
So I go on my merry way, take the later bus because it’s so close, and walk inside…only my group is no where to be found.. I call Sarah and she is like “we’re here. Inside to the left”
I walk back through the front doors again, turn to the left, & only find the bathroom stalls.
Who knew there would be two tiny Irish pubs with the same name and same exact decor in Bonn??
Clearly not me..
Being in the wrong place seems to be a recurring theme for me so far. Ill get it one day .

Let it raainnnn

Namaste. Today we decided to do yoga before class started this morning, which made me feel a little more at ease since I knew what I was doing..finally! 

The first struggle didn’t even happen until the group project for directing class, when Anna and I were left up to our own devices. Luckily we had the lovely Ronja dog as a model to work with. She was ADORABLE, but completely uncooperative. Not that I can blame her..

(Note to self: only work with dogs that are small enough for you to physically move.)

We missed the bus that was to get us back in time for class to start and then it started pouring. So, we decided to pop on into the supermarket to wait. Little did we know, and only 10 minutes later realize after all the dirty and strange looks from the workers, that we went in through the EXIT ONLY doors. I think our minor mistake was cancelled out because our project we presented was received much better than we had anticipated. We’re just gettin’ warmed up!

It was the first rain since I’ve been here and I ran to barely make the bus! The driver was so nice and waited for me :D. Image

You can’t see it, but the man next to me brought, what looked like to be, a huge Lamp onto the bus covered nicely with a plastic bag as its umbrella..I’m guessing I was the only one who thought this was strange. 

Finally, rain soaked, but not downtrodden, I made it to the outside of my house. After trying my key in the house door for about ten minutes, I realized it might not work. The thing would not turn, not move. And I’m standing there thinking…”maybe the other host kids were right that it doesn’t open when it rains”..etc. So I send a casual text from my dinosaur pay as you go phone (we’re talking pre-camera, pre-color, pre-T9 even) to my host dad. Moments later he opens the door for me and I explain it won’t work. He smiles and laughs as he shakes his head..

I’d been trying the wrong key. No wonder! Mystery solved! 😀

So I know I won’t become a locksmith after this trip. That’s about all I know.