Our first time getting lost!

I tend to be the eager one in most situations…and today as we were trying to leave Köln (cologne), definitely exemplified this. We were looking for Platform 4 and I heard Antonello say 4 and that we had 3 minutes to catch it. So naturally, I start running towards the subway 4..actually booking it with my backpack on the front of my body..like a normal functioning human would do. About a minute later I hear them calling my name and look back to see no one following me and all I could make out was “YOURE GOING THE WRONG WAY!”

Clearly I got a little too excited. Regardless our lovely guide finally got us on the right train, as he was staying behind. The ticket man was coming around and said a few words to one of my friends with the tickets and started yelling! Next thing I knew we were all kicked off the train at some random stop in the middle of what seemed like nowhere..I was completely confused and thought we got in trouble for some reason, but he was actually helping us! telling us that we were going the complete wrong way.

Here’s what being lost looks like…

WE’re definitely owed some “lemonade”..cough antonello cough cough

P.S. Nick made fun of me the whole ride back.


Where are we....?

Where are we….?