Things they DON’T tell you about Oktoberfest

Aside from the amazing beer pictures that I have put up, there are a few things that some people forget to mention when you’re going to Oktoberfest. (no bitterness intended, it made it more of an adventure!)

1. If it rains (which it did. ALL DAY) be prepared to get extremely up close and personal with other strangers while waiting in line.

2. “What line??” you might ask. Well the 2-3 hour line ( IN THE RAIN in our case) to get INSIDE to where the joyous singing, dancing, drinking, and SELLING of beer and food happens

3. Not all entrances to the beer tents are entrances, apparently. Sometimes people are sneaky enough to get in line to a door with a security guard, where they don’t let people in. You will only realize this after you have been freezing in the rain for over an hour and get to the front of the line right at the door, to be told (in German of course) that you will not be let in here & that you need to leave to go get in line again at ANOTHER DOOR.

4. People that you think should not be as drunk as they are, will be. Look out for any age, shape, or form of a person to be out of their mind. 

5. Lederhosen never go out of style. Even if you wear it multiple days in a row. They’re a very good look for guys. BRING THIS TO AMERICA PLEASE.

6. The cookies are edible…HOWEVER most people just wear them. It’s some tradition that no one I asked knew where it derived from. Something that I have yet to get used to is wearing your food when I want to eat it..

7. Germans sing “Old Country Road” at every Oktoberfest. Almost every 10 minutes. Also no one knows why, but what do I care? Finally a song I can sing along to!! 😀

8. Do not be alarmed when everyone in the Biergarten hollers and yells at you when you stand up on the bench to get out of the crowd to go to the bathroom…they’re cheering because normally when someone stands on the benches INSIDE THE TENTS it means that you are about to chug the remainder of your stein, which is very exciting and everyone is quite supportive of this.

9. There are ceiling heaters that will save your life, if you can find them.

10. Talk to the people at your table. You may learn all about Buvarian culture and how awesome of people they are. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, one of them may buy you a birthday pretzel. 😀 But only if you’re lucky and cheer along as they sing Old Country Road for the millionth time. 

11. Embrace it all anyways. Everything that goes wrong makes for great stories for the future kids…ha. Well maybe when they’re older…